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Blue Rush P.R. Fishing Charters is for you! With the most professional and knowledgeable crew in the island, we guarantee an extraordinary trip for all family members. Our priority is to provide a fishing experience full of joy, thrill and screaming reels! Get on Board for the ultimate fishing adventure.


Your quest will begin at Old San Juan, P.R. where your captain will be ready for your arrival. The fishing charter will take place at North Coast of P.R. or San Juan Bay and estuaries which are known for it’s mesmerizing scenery of the historical sites of Old San Juan, nature, diverse wildlife and World Class Fishing. The location of the Bay and estuaries guarantees calm water which means NO SEA SICKNESS!

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Tarpon Fishing

Best Times: All Year Round

If you are looking to battle the ultimate game sport fish, Tarpon Fishing is what you’re looking for. It’s long runs and acrobatic jumps provide one of the most exhilarating fights and adrenaline rush any fisherman could wish for. Our location it's right where the ocean, bay, and backwaters merge creating the perfect scenario to catch a Silver King. This habitats also present the opportunity to catch numerous game fish such as Jack Crevalle, Snook, Bonita, Barracuda, Snapper, Cero, Spanish and King Mackerels, just to name a few.


During the charter we will be using techniques like live baiting, dead baiting, spinning artificial lures or fly fishing, depending on the fish behavior or customers desire. With a great concentration of Tarpon, San Juan Bay it’s one of the best places for Tarpon Fishing in Puerto Rico and it’s ALL YEAR-ROUND!

Fly Fishing
Best Times: All Year Round

Fly fishing is more than a sport, is passion for a way of life only a long rod enthusiast will understand. Is the study and comprehension of a fishery wish results in creation, successful presentation and perfect timing. In Blue Rush we will provide the necessary instruction, equipment, and custom flies, tied by our captains specifically for the desired specie and location.


Tarpon, Snook and Bonita are a common target specie in our bay and backwaters. The north coast reefs and flats are also great for fly fishing, with an incredible variety of game fish like barracudas, snappers, groupers, jacks, and mackerels just to name a few. Our fly fishing arsenal is comprehend by brands like Sage, Orvis and Temple Fork and ranging from 8 wt's to 12 wt's.


So if you are looking for world class fly fishing and the most qualified professionals in the island come aboard the Blue Rush and fly to an adventure of a lifetime.

Reef Fishing
Best Times: Depending on Weather

The north coast of San Juan have a complex reef system composed of flats, seawalls, pentacle like structures, channels and breakers. These multi habitat system it's home to an incredible variety of game fish including African Pompano, King, Spanish and Cero Mackerel, Blackfin tuna, Bonitos, Crevalle, yellow and horse eye Jacks, Yellowtail, Mutton and Cubera Snappers and Barracudas, just to name a few.


The variety of habitats and species also present the opportunity to enjoy multiple fishing techniques. So if you are into live batting, vertical jigging, trolling, spinning, or fly fishing we do it all. Our equipment is always rig and ready for any opportunity we may encounter, from 15 pound braid spinning rods, to 50 pound vertical jigging outfits. So if you are looking to catch a great variety of game fish reef fishing is for you.

Deep Sea Fishing
Best Times: Depending on Weather


With Puerto Rican trench, best known as the Blue Marlin Alley, just minutes away from our location it doesn't get any better. Blue and White Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi, Black and Yellowfin Tuna are a common catch in our Atlantic waters, depending on the season.


We use 50 pound test stand up gear to battle this pelagic species on a one to one encounter. Our Nauticstar 22xs center console is a fishing machine, equipped with the latest in chirp technology, outriggers, and live wells. For your comfort our vessel is also equipped with portable sanitary service inside the console and with a max capacity of 10, it will comfortably sit 4 in a deep sea adventure.

We can accommodate large groups in multiple boats.

For an off schedule tour request please give us a call

*Our Boat is rated for 10 People but we rather do smaller groups of 6 for a comfortable experience.

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